The Smile

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last. I was sitting on a bench of a park when I saw him standing there looking at me. There were so many people. So I wasn’t really noticing as my eyes was in and out of focus. It was the thoughts.

I’ve been feeling so miserable lately and was tired of my self. I felt worthless most of the time that I forgot how it was to feel special. I cried a way too much lately. Everything just felt so overwhelming. I knew something was wrong inside my self.

Sometimes I imagined myself was made of strings. Thousands of strings that interlace one to another. And some of my strings  might be cut off. And the rest was ready to break apart to turn me into pieces.

I was thinking needing a fix. A big start. A fix to all the broken strings. I felt so gloomy inside and couldn’t help my self letting the bad emotion in.

Until in between all the useless thoughts, I realised that someone standing next to a big tree across me was staring intensely at me. And he smiled at me as he knew that I’ve seen him. I fixed the position of my glasses as I tried to see him clearer.

I remembered, it was the young guy from my office. A new guy that couple times exchanged smiles with me when we were accidentally bumping into each other. I didn’t know his name. But, I knew that he had a nice smile.

I smiled. And suddenly, he was waving his hand at me, and smiled again. We were just doing it for some intense seconds and thing just happened. It just occurred to me that I forgot everything. I forgot why I was here alone at the first place. And I never knew how. How a smile could do me the magic. Or it was the man. But I felt better. And it had rung me a bell to a wonderful feeling.

I remembered now, I had once felt special.

A prompt to the Discover Challenge: Opening Line.


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