Hands (They don’t eat grains)

“Let me hold your hand.” Sid was reaching Ellie’s left hand that was resting on her lap.

Ellie was just giving him a glance and said nothing. Odd boy, she thought of the quirk sitting next to her as she continued gazing at the colony of ants heading off to the trees.

“Your hand is so warm,” said Sid analyzing Ellie’s skinny hand. He turned it up and down, and squeezed it again.

Ellie said nothing.

“Is this always this warm? Or my hand is just too cold?” Sid asked, still holding his accompany’s hand.

“Look at those ants,” whispered Ellie. “They’re lifting the grains,” she continued. “Is ant eating grains?”

“I don’t know,” answer Sid, and resumed his subject, “I love holding human’s hands. They got this strange rubbery texture.” Now the boy was pressing the palm of Ellie’s hand.

Still focusing at the little animals, Ellie said again, “I don’t think they eat grains.”

“Yea,” said Sid normatively and now was looking at the view that attracted his pretty companion so much. And after a moment of saying nothing, God only knows what he was thinking, he smiled and said, “Your hand is so soft. Reminds me of marshmallow. You’re the second after my mama.” He paused again for a second, before continued rambling, “My grandma also has soft hand, but hers got a thick skin, and has lost its elasticity. It is like she only has skin sticking to her bone.”

“Beautiful,” she said that no one could tell to which subject.

“Nurse Maggie got a rough hand. Dwayne, too.” He said contemplatively. “I don’t like holding rough hands.”

Whether Sid or Ellie who seemed to not listen, Ellie spoke louder now. “Hey, look, look. The last one on the group. It is pulling the grain alone.”

The bland boy was looking at Ellie now. He seemed to think of something. And, soon focused at her hand again. He stroke it now with his fingers.

Ellie was looking even eager at the sight of the ants working on their grains. Her head and shoulder moved a little forward. Her held-arm was dangling awkwardly between the two juveniles. What Sid did not care.


The snap of Jenny’s fingers took Ellie back from her instant daydream–the same memory that always drifted her away whenever she thought of the young Sid. She still just could not believe the news her sister had just told her about Sid.

“It’s always tiring talking to you, ” said Jenny sighing and decided to leave her sister alone. Before disappearing at the door, she stopped and looked back at silent Ellie for a moment. She saw the sister sat still. There’s a look in her eyes that showed she was away. Jenny sighed again, and closed the door.

Ellie kept the room quite for some minutes. Once she whispered something like ‘grain’, ‘brain’ or ‘rain’. And her eyes started blinking much. It was the jimjam. Like discovering something, she said emptily to no one in her chamber, “They don’t eat grains.” And then, she pressed the palm of her left hand. She just could not believe that he had gone.

Prompt: Grain


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