Tame Impala, Jakarta: a reunion with an old ‘long-distance’ crush


I am now listening to “Sundown Syndrome”, one of the earliest tracks of Tame Impala back then in 2008 when the band were just established and compiling the initial EP, one of my favorite tracks.  It has been 4 days since their Jakarta concert last Friday, 29 April 2016. And, I’m still shivering to listen to their songs again. Count me in if you started listing those who are having hard time moving on from the concert that was held around an hour and a half.

I remember 5 years ago, when I bought the ticket of their first Indonesian concert. I told my self that I really had to see the concert. Really had to. Even though at that time I could hardly think of any companion to come to Bengkel Night Park with, and ended up going alone and run into another girl I knew to love Tame Impala as much too. (Hello, Feb! If you read this. =D)

This year, when they announced their Asian tour, I told my self the same that I had to see them again, no matter how far (when Indonesian schedule hasn’t been announced, I picked Singapore as the nearest one to catch up, thank god I shouldn’t come that far! And I saved the extra fund! Lol). If 5 years ago I thought I had to come because the band was great, and they were rare; this year I had to come because it’s Tame Impala. It is like you had a long-distance friend who came along to visit your country. You just gotta meet them. And I grew up listening to them and following their journey. And, they have become the part of my youth. It just sounded terrible if I missed their concert.

So, I came. And, last Friday was a terrific night for me! Forget all the torture I suffered from Jakarta’s INSANE traffic to reach Senayan, Tame Impala had paid it off. Even though I didn’t succeed to stand at the front row to see them close, still, the concert paid off.

I saw them growing big. I remember that night in 2011, they were just a group of shy and quirky folks playing great music. I remember I was seeing Nick Allbrook (now no longer the part of Tame Impala) standing at the stage like the strangest strange creature. So skinny, pale and odd. I saw Kevin like a grumpy geek. How he just stood there not saying much but only singing and playing his guitar. As well as Dom, and the youngest Jay at that time. Last Friday, they were different. I’m not talking about the new formation. But they were a different Tame Impala. They are the BIGGER Tame Impala. The band who has been around the world, and making an even greater and greater music. Same old band, new Tame Impala.

I love how Kevin was being more cheerful. How he was being more talkative (The quirk stayed, tho. Lol). How he was being sooo relax, and to be frank, how he sang live much better. Haha..

They are really improving. The sound was monster. In the simple outdoor stage, they succeeded to present us a majestic visual in various colors that were contrasted in high saturation and dancing with every song they played. They brought the crowd in Parkir Selatan Senayan to another dimension. And I was in awe the whole concert.

I really wish I could meet the gang in person. Iga Massardi is a lucky bastard, having a chance TWICE to meet them in person. He said in 2011 he succeeded to get Kevin signing his guitar, and this year his band, Barasuara, opened the concert. Even Kevin praised them during the performance. I wonder how happy Iga could be, as he stated that he is also a great fan of Tame Impala. Really envy him and those fortunate enough to have that access.

Tame Impala’s Jakarta concert that night has blown me away. Everything was set up in a great finesse. The stage, the visual, the sound. Thank to the “doctor” crew of Tame Impala: Shiny Joe Ryan, cs. And, not forgetting the promoter of the event, two thumbs up for KiosPLAY. The event was well-arranged and very punctual. And, without their effort, surely the fans could not see the ‘current’ Tame Impala.

Thanks for the great experience! Thanks, Tame Impala! Thanks, KiosPLAY!


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