5 Favorite Longest Songs

SO, recently I like doing this kind of thing (music listing) when idly sitting in front of my laptop but not really got things to do (or not in the mood of doing other things). If previously I scribbled down some musics I knew from a movie, now I’m going to make list of musics with long duration that I could stand listening to it without wanting to skip (because sure I love the songs).

Yeah, long duration, I meant it loooong. You know that normally (or perhaps commercially) a song will only have at maximum 5 minute length (or less? Idk.). And, some folks just can’t stand songs with long duration (and, this might be a reason why radio hardly ever play songs with a looong duration. Or, sometimes, some people stop too earlier even before trying to listen to the songs, when they discover how long the song is. Because they think the song might be boring or such. Isn’t it unfair?

Anyway, to name musics with long duration, there’re possibly bunch of ’em in my music folder. But, let me try to remember some that I love. Here they are 5 of them, started from the ‘shortest’ and will end up in one song lasting for more than 18 minute length. Guess what song? Let’s check it yourself.

5. The Smiths – How Soon Is Now? 6:46

This song was featured in “Meat Is Murder” album of The Smiths that was released in 1985. I first listened to this song in my junior high school time when the duo TATU covered the song, and, to be frank, just found out the original version from the Smiths in my seventeen when I first fell in love to British music and started to explore more and more about it. Uhm, actually this song is not that long. It ‘only’ lasted no more than 7 minutes. So, I guess beginning with a long duration pop song is worth a try.

4. Led Zeppelin – Rain Song 7:39

“Rain Song” is one of the songs from Led Zeppelin’s “House of Holy” album. It is the second track, and my most favorite one from the album, other than “Over Hills and Far Away”. At first, I’ve got “When the Levee Breaks” from Led Zeppelin which lasted for more or less 7 minutes. But, in fact, “Rain Song” circumvented it with its longer duration. So, I picked “Rain Song” to be in this list.

The song isn’t as heavy as other Led Zeppelin’s songs (well, for those into a heavier music, Led Zeppelin isn’t even considered heavy). I called “Rain Song” as one of Led Zeppelin’s light song, and quite easy listening. The tempo is slow. The melody is soft. And, the lyric (this one I love the most) is very poetical. That is all enough to make me stay through the song. It is sweet, especially on rainy days. *eyes sparkling* Well, for you who love ballad song, you might consider this one.

3. The La’s – Looking Glass 7:53

Who’s up for 80s British Rock? Here’s one from The La’s. “Looking Glass” was from the self-titled album by The La’s, which was their only studio release. This song is started by an acoustic guitar’s playing that is soon followed by Lee Mavers’ unique vocal.  Instead of the minimum music instruments played in the song, somehow I always think this song as rich and deep. And, I trade the feeling I got whenever listening to the song with the length that doubles the normal song usually is. I really don’t mind the length.

Anyway, before going to the next song, I want to tell you that you might think it will be getting more incomparable to see the length gap between the next one to the previous one. Yet, as I’ve told you at first, I’ll come up with any long duration songs that I love and that I could remember spontaneously. And, I, my self, was also surprised with the duration gap for I could barely remember other songs longer than the previous three songs to compare with these last two(s). Well, here they are the top two.

2. Pink Floyd – Dog 17:08

When I first checked the duration, it quite surprised me. But, since I got used to listening to Pink Floyd’s conceptual album “The Dark Side of The Moon” and “The Wall” (and I love it and could endure listening from the first track until the last one without stopping or skipping), listening to “Animal” (the album where “Dog” is featured) was not a hard thing for me. And, “Animal” indeed finally became my second most favorite album of Pink Floyd, with “Dog” as my favorite track. This song was also one of my to-listen-list in the car, after earlier we had once argued which one was better between “Dog” and “Sheep”. We love both songs (we love the whole album, sure), but finally we agreed that “Dog” is our most favorite track in “Animal.”

I think, this one, along with the album, is worth trying.

1. YES – Close To The Edge 18:40

And, yeah, aloha! It’s “Close To The Edge” that comes up as  the longest song I like (as far as I remember). I’m actually not a big fan of YES, but I listened to and enjoyed couple of their songs and two albums of theirs, “Close to the Edge” and “Relayer”. While making list to this post, at first I remembered “Yours Is No Disgrace” with length approximately to 9:40 minutes, but then I got “Close to the Edge” whose duration beat all of the other four.

Unlike the other songs on the list, I should admit this one is rather different. YES may not be that easy listening for some people, especially if considering their music skill and the complexity of their music entirely–that you might barely not pay attention to it. But, I think this one is a must for those fans of progressive music, isn’t it?

Anyway, how about yours?



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