Vanillaberry Plus Cinnamon



Another short story by Dila

From so many ways to steal a man’s attention, she chose that way. The very simple way that managed to make her visible in my life. I could tell she had won me.

That day, I was just finishing reading a novel by George Orwell, titled “1984”. It was the same day when I found her doing exactly the same thing Julia, the woman character in the novel, did to slip exactly the same message to Winston, (her version) to steal my attention. She bumped into me quite hard. And made the stuffs on my hand—the novel and my cellular phone—slip away. She helped me take the novel that fell quite near her, while I was fixing my broken phone case. “I am sorry,” she said, and then gave me the novel. I only nodded still swallowing what was happening. And, she just went by. Left me her girly vanilla-scented perfume on my nostril. I was watching her back. She was walking very fast and without bothering to look back or just to check on me. Right after she had gone, I just realized there was this kind of note. A pink note slipped within the pages. I pulled it and read woman handwriting on it. Three words. Awkwardly stated. I love you.

I did not know her name. What I knew was only that she might work in the same building as my office was. But, it was quite impossible to guess which floor. I tell you it was an 18-floor building. One thing for sure was that for two-year length I had been working, we met occasionally several times—at lobby, at elevator, food court, parking area or such—I was never really sure. She was a young and attractive woman. Two or three years younger I guessed. Tall (almost the same height as me with my average height of Indonesian men), slim and athletic, with black and short hair, using glasses, and having an average light brown complexion as Indonesian women.

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