Touch down 17K!

Last night I just reached the 17,000th word! It was quite a tough way to get here. It got me black n blue for workin on it and took more than a month to get 7000 words. Very poor. But the good thing is I still carry on.

So actually I’ve been working on my brand new writing project, and just got 10K words by the mid of this year. Last night, as usual, after coming home from office, I would write one to three pages long before sleeping . Yes, only one to three pages, that is how long I could endure from my sleepy eyes usually. There I got 17K words by now.

I thank God, my characters are quite possessing me. They keep hanging over my head wherever I go. Sometimes I took notes in my smartphone for any sudden idea they whisper.

So, there are Abi and Joan. They are my new set of characters for this project. My muses. My power to keep carrying on and to finish their story. I love them, well I should. I can say that I’m actually quite impatient for them to meet you. But sure I’ll keep them ‘behind’ myself temporarily until their story is ready. Since I do hope that this one would win your heart, so I take care of the story very carefully.

Anyway, later I will give you a chance to have a little peek on Joan and Abi, but not today. Just let me work on the halfway through it first. So, we’ll see you laaaater!


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